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'If I can handle New York I can handle this.'

that's what Enid said to herself everyday ever since the plane went down. Isolation was not a problem for her. She was a writer she talked to herself all the time before now wasn’t any different. Or at leas that is what she told herself to stay sane.
Everyday she did what she had to do to survive and everyday she tried to find away out of the jungle. She had not slept for two days because she knew there was something out there following her and she could not let herself sleep.
Out of sure paranoia every time she was on a plane she made sure she always had a notebook and pen with her. She always had this inane fear that a plane would crash. And well it did and her note book and pen was one of the few things that she had left with her.
Enid was about to give up while she was walking aimlessly through the jungle exhausted and starving when she heard, when she thought she heard water.
She stopped and listened then looked at the ground. There were bits of sand mixed in with the dirt. Stumbling she started to run to the clearing of the trees and out onto the warm white sands. Enid collapsed onto her knees looking out at the ocean.
She brought her hand up to her locket. That one other thing that made it with her after the plane went down. The locket with the picture of her birth mother in it. The women who she was going to meet when the plane went down.
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((Howdy! I'm going to join in if that's oka))

Adrienne saw the girl burst forth from the jungle, the crashing and snapping from twigs had caused her stomach to drop somewhere in her feet.

It was coming. It was coming for her. IT WAS COMING

But as soon as the girl burst out of the woods she knew that she had been foolish. The girl had made too much noise. She wanted to approach this stranger, but something held her in place.
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A bit dazed Enid looked around cautiously. When her eyes came upon a girl she blinked and rubbed her eyes. She stood up but had to pause for a moment due to a head rush.
She stared at this girl for quite sometime before waving.
Adrienne was slightly surprised when the stranger waved, she knew that she should probably get Jack, or Kate but instead she took a step towards the woman.

"Are you okay?"
when the girl asked her if she was okay she looked at herself for a second to see if she had any gapping open wounds.
"I'm alive so I'd say I'm pretty good."
((has enid been here the whole time? or did she just suddenly come out onto the beach from the jungle? i don't want to get my facts confused!))

Adrienne smiled, and laughed - it was a soft sound, but not nearly as forced as it had been a week ago.

"That's good, I think all of use can say that."
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"All?" Enid said hopping that there were more people here.
"Yeah," Adrienne replied. Surely this girl didn't think Adrienne was the only one... but, how could she not know that there were others on the beach? Unless she had crash landed on her own.
"There's a whole group of us, not many are left on the beach because most people moved to the caves. Where were you?"
Enid's head was swimming from all this new information. Group of people a whole group and well her plus at least five other people because three was a crowd and four was more of a picnic but with five or six people well that was a party all on its own. Even more would be shocking and wonderful.
'where were you'
"I was in the jungle. I m not sure how I got in there but," she paused and looked around. "Is it safe to be out here in the open?"
Adrienne shrugged, she decided not to tell this girl about what had happened. She looked a little shell shocked, someone else could tell her.

"Pretty safe, the sun get's pretty hot, and there's bugs and a nasty rip tide, but other than that, it's just like..." home was a word that came unbidden to Adrienne's mind, "being on vacation. Just relax," she shrugged again not sure what else to say.
Enid laughed at the girls response.
"this is the nicest vacation I?ve been on."
she looked around again.
"huh," she had a slight sudden change in mood. she held out her arms with her palms facing up and spun around looking at the area saying cynically
"how the hell could anyone relax here."
She placed her hands on her hips and dug her feet into the sand. She became more relaxed and let out a long sigh looking up at the sky than back to the girl.
"whats your name?" she asked plainly.