"Lost" Roleplay- 'Never Give Up'

When will death come?

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1. You may only play one character from the television show, HOWEVER original characters can be unlimited IF you keep up with the roleplay, and have a decent roleplaying style with all of them. If you can keep up and add to the roleplay experience, whom are we to stop you?

2. You must create a new account for each of your characters. This account can be used for journal entries (see quiet_carly for example), while the main roleplay spot is at this community.

3. We would prefer if you could promote this community somewhere, or anywhere, even if to only one friend. However you will not be kicked
for not doing so, as we understand the akwardness some of you feel doing this.

4. Check the master list of characters before applying. You may not choose an existing character that is already taken.

5. Where it says "have you read the rules?" in the enrollment application put "I feel a little LOST!" If you don't you may be denied! So you know, we know you didn't speed read... because well all know we do it.. *shifty eyes*

6. Role Playing should be done in past tense and third person! EX: "Charlie went to get the water. He was very tired." But please, keep it more detailed than this. No moding, no one sentence posts.. look around..

7. Use double brackets for OOC (out of character) comments, so that everyone knows you aren't speaking as your character. EX: [[[HEY do you guys know how to...etc.etc.]]]

8. Sex must be taken to your private journal, kissing is allowed.. passion is allowed but please.. some of us can't tell a 'dohickey' from a 'watchmacallit' so lets keep it around PG folks. I know we're on an island, things happen.. but please have a reason. Don't just make out with one character because you think the guy on tv is cute...

9. DO NOT PLAY CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT YOURS. Don't say dialogue or describe actions for someone else's character or one that's not taken, yet! You have no idea how irritating this is. People have spent alot of time (especially original characters) creating them, so respect that..

10. Have fun and be respectful!

Name of Character:
Existing or New Character:
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Have you read the rules?


Leah - Carly
Lexy - Claire
Lora - ?
Adria - Alexandra Evans
[NAME] - Shannon
[NAME] - Sayid
[NAME] - Charlie
[NAME] - Hurley
[NAME] - Sonnis Sullivan